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Say Hello to "Basket Case"

This Web site features "Basket Case", a 1965 Mustang Coupe. This car was given to me by my father as a birthday gift. The car had been sitting in a garage for 10 years and had not been moved. My mother and wife decided to do a little "Overhauling" on me. They took the car from the garage and sent the engine to be rebuilt. One month later, Basket Case was reborn and the project took on a new life.
"Basket Case" Spec:

year/model: 1965 mustang coupe

Engine: 289 ci over bored 0.040

camshaft: Crane Power Max


Keeping Your Car Cool
Did you know that in 95 degree heat, the air in your car reaches approximately 146 degrees and the steering wheel can reach 158 degrees? So what can you do about it? First, you can tint your car windows. Clear glass magnifies the sun and intensifies the heat. If that's too expensive, buy manual sunshades. They come in cheap cardboard or reflective material. You can also buy shades for the back side windows where your kids are. To avoid hot steering wheels, put a towel over the wheel to absorb sun while your car sits.

Washing and Waxing Tips
Most cars now come with a clearcoat finish, which tricks owners into thinking they don't need wax. Actually, you should wax your car 3-4 times a year. Most manufacturers also recommend washing your car once a week. Remember to start washing your car only when the car's surface is cool and only after rinsing the entire car. Rub gently, one section at a time, and use specific car wash products--never household cleaners. After rinsing your car well, dry it with a soft, clean cloth.
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